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Welcome! EzPz provides simple, no-nonsense guides and walkthroughs for a variety of games. The site offers:

But... Why?

I created EzPz because I was frustrated trying to find information about the games I was playing. These days for most games, you have two options: a wiki, or YouTube.

Wikis are amazing resources. But for large, very popular games, they can be overwhelming. You will often be faced with a wall of text, thousands, or even tens of thousands of words, describing every little aspect of a topic in detail, even if it isn't useful or relevant. If you're not already familiar with the game, it can be difficult to pick out what you actually need. And with so many people writing different bits, articles can end up being incoherent. Too many cooks spoil the broth!

Sometimes what you really want is a simple, well written walkthrough, not an encyclopedia. Meanwhile for smaller games, wikis are often incomplete and poorly organised, with little or no content that is actually useful.

Added to this, the main wiki hosts are stuffing their sites with distracting ads, autoplaying videos, useless social features and unrelated links that are present even with an ad-blocker. Not only does this take the focus away from the important stuff - the content - it makes the pages laggy and slow to load. The last thing you need is Chrome to freeze up your PC while you're trying to play a game in another window. And they're getting worse and worse over time.

There are also some amazing YouTube videos. But in many cases they are unnecessarily long, with most of the first half being some useless introduction, and the second asking you to like and subscribe. And since there's no way to search for what you're looking for, you need to sit through all of it.

Unlike text based guides, you can't go at your own pace if the video maker goes through things too quickly or slowly. And the quality of YouTube guides can be wildly inconsistent. Too often you'll end up spending time watching a video that doesn't actually answer your question!

I wanted an alternative, and think other people do too.

About the Author

My name is Tom, known as MilkN2Sugars in most games. I've been writing game guides and running online communities since around 2006. I first started writing training guides for the browser MMORPG RuneScape, and remember when I first got a message from another player telling me it had helped them out. It's the best feeling!

Since then I've been involved in running fansites, clans, forums, wikis, hosting in-game events, writing editorial content and interviews, producing YouTube videos and Twitch streams, testing games and generally just having fun. EzPz is my latest venture and I really hope people find it useful.


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