Written by Burj. Last updated 04 November 2018.

"It's time to sail the world! Build a Boat at the Dockhouse."

Quest Details



How To Start

If the Trader was not sent away, you will receive this quest immediately after completing Build Dock. If she was, you will receive it immediately after completing Build Market.



As always, obtain Wood by chopping Trees, from your Orchard, or by buying it from the Ore Merchant at the Market.

Steel Bars

Steel Bars can be bought from the Ore Merchant in the Market for 75 coins. They can also be crafted at a Smelter using 1 Iron Bar and 2 Coal. You can also buy these at the Ore Merchant for a total of 50 coins, so slightly cheaper but also more time consuming. If you decide to mine the ores yourself, you might want to consider crafting a Lantern at your Workshop, which will produce more light than a Torch.


Cloth can be bought from the Ore Merchant for 20 coins each, or crafted from 4 Cotton grown at your Farm at the Dockhouse.


Nets can be bought from the Weapon Dealer for 40 Coins, or crafted from 2 Cloth at the Dockhouse.

Once you have all your materials, head over to your Dockhouse and craft the Boat.

Aground Boat
The boat.