Written by Burj. Last updated 19 November 2018.


This quest will vary depending on how you start it.

If you accepted the Trader's help

"Trader wants a Dock to travel the world."

If you sent the Trader away

"Build a Dock to find other survivors."

Quest Details


If you accepted the Trader's help

If you sent the Trader away


How To Start

Can be started after completing Craft Workshop and Build Orchard. Try to use the Storehouse, and you will catch the Trader stealing resources.

If you accepted the Trader's help

If you accept the Trader's help, you will get this quest after completing the Build Pig Pen quest.

If you sent the Trader away

If you send the Trader away, you will get this quest immediately after doing so.


If you accepted the Trader's help

Earning Cash

Coins can be obtained by selling items at the Market. Harvest from your Farm, cut down Trees and mine Ores if you need to make some quick cash.


As always, obtain Wood by chopping Trees or buying it from the Market.


Cloth can be crafted from Cotton, however since this requires a Dock (which we're trying to make!) you'll need to buy it from the Ore Merchant at the Market. Cloth costs 15 Coins each, for a total of 75 Coins.


Again, Nets can be crafted at a Dock from Cotton, but here you'll need to buy them from the Weapon Dealer for 5 Coins each, coming to 25 Coins.

If you sent the Trader away

A Steel Bar requires 1 Iron Bar and 2 Coal to make, so in total you will need 20 Wood, 10 Steel Ore and 20 Coal, in addition to fuel for the furnace. Simply gather and make the resources and you will automatically complete the quest.

At this point in the game, you may want to use your Workshop to craft an upgraded Pick. This is a decent upgrade that is easy to do. In addition to mining quicker, the Iron and Steel Picks will allow you to mine rock, which contains good amounts of Iron. You may also want to craft a Torch or Lantern to allow you to mine at deeper levels more easily.

Let's get this Dock built!