Written by Burj. Last updated 04 November 2018.

"Mechanic wants to build a factory to tinker with machines."

Quest Details



How To Start

Must have completed Fix Power Plant, and started Confront Mirrows (enter the Inn with the Power Plant fixed and generating). Must also have a battery in your inventory (craft at the Power Plant using the Steel Bar the Mechanic gave you, and a piece of Sulfur, found easily by mining underground). If you don't have the Steel Bar, buy one from the Market (must also complete Defeat Bandits). Speak with the Mechanic once to trigger a cutscene, then again to receive the quest.


Coal and Sulfur can be found distributed across the dirt blocks. Quartz can be found near the bottom of the dirt, close to where the stone begins. Alternatively, all can be purchased from the Ore Merchant after completing Defeat Bandits, or gathered from the Starting Island after returning there.

After gathering the ores, speak with the Mechanic again to complete the quest. Note she may have wandered away from the Power Plant to somewhere else in town.