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"You need to build a Hut for shelter from the storm."

Quest Details



Completing this quest will lead to you building a hut, which you can rest in to restore Stamina.

How To Start

This is the first quest you are given in the game. Unlike other quests, you do not need to talk to anyone to begin it, and you are not given the standard Accept or Reject dialog. Rather, it will begin automatically after the opening cutscene.


Simply collect eight pieces of wood from the ground by walking up to them and pressing Z. There are approximately 11 pieces scattered around the accessible starting area, but it is quickest to just pick up the first eight you come across. After you collect four pieces you will get a message about being over carrying capacity. However, you can still go pick up the other four after this. Once you have collected eight pieces, the quest is complete and a cutscene will play.

If you have trouble counting to eight, you can check how many pieces of wood you have gathered in the quest log accessed by hitting Q, or clicking the button in the top right of the screen.


If you are reading this guide then you are likely new to the game, so it is worth noting that moving around uses up Stamina (the green bar). If you run out of Stamina, moving will start to use up Heath (the red bar), and if you run out of this you will drop down dead. So don't run around too much exploring at this point. Completing this quest will build you a hut, which you can then use to restore Stamina.

Some wood on the ground.
Some wood on the ground.

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