Written by Burj. Last updated 19 November 2018.

"Trader wants to build a Market to trade goods." (If you accept the Trader's offer)


"Build a Market to attract traders to your dock." (If you send the Trader away)

Quest Details



How To Start

Can be started after completing Craft Workshop and Build Orchard. Try to use the Storehouse, and you will catch the Trader stealing resources. Accept their offer to connect with other traders to begin the quest immediately. Alternatively, send the Trader away away and you will need to complete the Build Dock quest first.


Gold can be obtained by mining. It is located quite far underground (~50 blocks +) and can mostly only be found in rock, not dirt like Coal and Iron. You need an Iron Pick or Steel Pick to mine rock, so make one at your Workshop or using your Workbench (Iron Only). You will need 10 Gold Ore to make the 5 Gold Bars.

What gold ore looks like. It's gold, surprisingly.

It is highly recommended you craft a Torch (requires 1 Wood and 1 Coal, easiest), or Lantern (requires 1 Quartz and ) to help you see. You can hold these at the same time as a Pickaxe.

Mining with a torch...
...And without one.

Once you have made the Gold Bars, speak with the Trader to complete the quest. If you sent the Trader away, the quest will complete automatically.