Written by Burj. Last updated 19 November 2018.

"Farmer wants to add a Pen to house livestock" (If you accepted the Trader's offer.)

Quest Details



How To Start

Speak to the Farmer to begin. If you accepted the Trader's offer, you will need to have completed Upgrade Kitchen. If you sent the Trader away, you will need to have completed Build Dock.


Obtaining Nets

If you accepted the Trader's offer, you will have access to the Market and can buy the nets from there.

If you sent the Trader away, you can start this quest before building the Market. In that case, you can either complete Build Market first and buy the nets, or craft the nets yourself using the Dock and Farm. Farming enough Cotton to make the nets will take quite a while, so it's recommended to make the Market if you're in a hurry.

You will need at least 2 to capture the 2 pigs, but since there is a small chance this process will fail and you will lose your net you may want to make a spare.

Buying Nets

Nets can be bought from the Weapon Dealer for 40 coins. If you haven't already, sell some items or resources to get the cash. This is relatively easy, for example you could sell 20 Wood for 4 coins each, or 12 Coal for 7 coins a piece to the Ore Seller to get 2 Nets.

Crafting Nets

If you sent the Trader away, enter the Farm and the Farmer will say he has obtained some Cotton seeds. Start growing Cotton by clicking Wheat Field, then Change Crop, then Selecting Cotton Seeds. You'll then need to wait a couple of minutes for the Cotton to grow. You need 16 Cotton to make the 2 Nets, so will need to repeat the process a few times. The Farmer will start storing Cotton in your Storehouse when you switch crops which can speed things up.

With your 16 Cotton gathered, head over to the Dockhouse and make 4 Cloth, then 2 Nets.

Catching Pigs

Confusingly, rather than catching Pigs, you need to catch Boar, which will transform into Pigs when captured.

You will first need to get the Boar below half health. If you have a powerful weapon or high Critical and Attack stats you may need to switch to a weak weapon such as a Stone Axe and make sure not to attack from behind as this is a guaranteed critical hit.

Next, you will need to lure the Boar into a net. If you have just hit the Boar, run ahead of it in the direction it is running, then place the net by opening your inventory, clicking it and selecting Place.

After the Boar has run into the net, it will struggle for a few seconds before turning into a pig. Walk over it to pick it up.

Repeat this twice to get the 2 pigs.

A captured boar.

Gathering Wood

If you don't have enough wood already, chop down some trees to get it, or buy some in your shiny new market if you have one.

Speak with the Farmer to finish the quest.