Written by Burj. Last updated 04 November 2018.

"Miner wants a Smelter to refine ores."

Quest Details



How To Start

Speak with the Miner to the left of the hut.

To be able to begin the quest, speak with the Miner when she first appears. Then rest in the Hut and view a cutscene. Then speak with the Miner again.


Simply dig underground to gather 15 Coal. Hold the down key (S or ↓) to dig down, or use the passage created by the Miner, to get underground. Next, simply hold a direction key (up, left, down or right) while adjacent to a dirt or coal block to mine it, creating a passage which is darker in colour than regular dirt. You can move up and down these passages freely, so feel free to dig straight down. Un-mined coal looks like black specks, dig it like regular dirt then move over the coal to pick it up.

Mining for coal.

Speak with the Miner once you have collected 15 coal to complete the quest. Note that she may be mining underground or at the surface. As with all quests, resources in your storehouse count towards the quest requirements.


Wyrms can be found underground. These cannot be damaged by your axe so it is best to just try to avoid them at this stage, rather than fighting.