Written by Burj. Last updated 19 November 2018.

"Builder wants to build a Storehouse." (If you saved the builder.)


"Build a Storehouse to store all your items." (If not.)

Quest Details



How To Start

This quest can be started after completing Build Hut and viewing the cutscene. If you let the Builder in during this cutscene, speak with him. If you did not let him in, loot his corpse located to the left of your hut.


You will receive a Stone Axe after starting this quest.

Gathering Wood

Gather wood by standing next to a tree, facing it and holding Z to chop, then moving over the logs to pick them up. You will gain around five logs from each tree. You can pick up any left over logs on the ground from the Build Hut quest too. Trees can be found close to your hut both left and right. They do regrow, however this takes quite a long time so it's better to go find another tree once you have chopped one down.

Chopping a tree. I'm a lumberjack and I'm OK...

Gathering Berries

Similarly, gather berries by moving next to a berry bush, pressing Z to pick them, then moving over the berries to pick them up. The berries will grow back after around 15 seconds, so you can pick the same bushes multiple times. Berry bushes can be found close to your hut both left and right.

Note that only the purple berries count. Picking the red berries from smaller bushes will not help.

A berry bush.

Once you gather the required materials, talk to the Builder to complete the quest. If you lose track of what you have gathered, view the quest log (Q).


You may be attacked by boar while gathering resources. Attack and kill them by holding C.