Written by Burj. Last updated 19 November 2018.

"Innkeeper wants you to negotiate with the Mirrows for him."

Quest Details


How To Start

Must have completed Fix Power Plant to start. Enter the Inn with the Power Plant running. Must have completed Build Factory to complete.


First, find the crashed ship in the desert in the west of the island. To reach the desert, you must mine through the mountain using a drill, crafted at a Factory using 1 Silicon (crafted from 1 Quartz) and 3 Steel Bars. The desert is full of rather powerful enemies, and good equipment (such as guns) and some food is recommended. Alternatively, you can dig under the ground to avoid them.

Around 20 blocks to the west is a crashed ship. Towards the bottom left of the ship is a red light, below which is a door. Enter the door and a cutscene will play. You will be presented with two options, Fight or Run Away. Fight begins the boss fight. Run Away returns you outside. You can then either choose to complete the fight later, or complete the path via the Convince the Mirrows quest instead.


This is quite a difficult fight, but don't worry the game autosaves when you first enter the lab so you won't lose much progress if you die. High level equipment is recommended, for example Earth Armour and an Earth Hammer from the Golem Factory, or Dragon Armour and enchanted weapons from the Magic Island. You will also need a supply of good food, for example Cheeseburgers, Omelettes or Dragon Blood. If possible, try to attack the Mirrows one at a time. When you enter the lab, immediately move to the left and wait for one of them to move over before attacking. Deal with them, then take on the other. With both dead, speak one of them and go through some short dialogue.

Return to the Inn to complete the quest.

Run Away

If you select Run Away, you will appear back outside the ship. You can come back to complete the fight at a later time. Alternatively, you can instead choose to avoid the fight and complete the quest Convince Mirrows. Dig around 10 blocks below the lab entrance to find the secret entrance to another lab.

The Mirrow's secret lab.

Enter this and run or fight your way past the Diode Wolves on the first level, and Mutants on the second, to reach the top of the lab. Read the third and fourth terminals from the right to learn about "C". Head back to the Mechanic and talk to them. You will receive a couple of cutscenes including one where she suggests to search under the lab (which we just did! You can also do this in the 'proper' order and return to the Mechanic before finding the underground lab), and one where she confirms she is C. She will then give you the quest Convince Mirrows. Visit my guide here for more information.

Once you have completed Convince the Mirrows, return to the Inn to complete Confront the Mirrows.