Written by Burj. Last updated 04 November 2018.

"Mechanic needs Titanium to fix the Power Plant."

Quest Details



How To Start

This quest takes place in Sunset Haven. You will first need to build a Boat, then travel west to the island. To begin, speak with the Mechanic. They can be found next to the Powerstation, a gray building which will be the second structure you come across after leaving the Boat.


You will be unable to rest at the Inn to recover your stamina or use the Market to buy food until you complete several quests. Therefore if you are running low and didn't bring any food to Sunset Haven, it is recommended you run to the west side of the island to pick purple Berries to recover some. It is also recommended to take some extras to replenish your stamina while mining.

Obtaining Titanium

If you didn't bring any to Sunset Haven, two pieces of Titanium can be found in a chest under the ground. Dig down four blocks, then dig horizontally from one end of the island to the other. If you don't find the chest, dig down another eight and repeat. This is the most efficient way of viewing all the dirt blocks underground. When you find the chest, press Z to open then click the Titanium to take it. If you didn't bring a Pickaxe, one can be found in the Warehouse (the first building after the Dock).

The chest containing Titanium.

Speak with the Mechanic again to complete the quest. Note that they may have moved to somewhere else on the Island, and they will not be around at nighttime. If this is the case, you will have to wait until morning.


You must fuel the Power Plant with Coal or Refined Oil for some facilities on the Island to become available, such as resting at the Inn.