Written by Burj. Last updated 19 November 2018.

"Hatch Baby Dragons to win the Adult Dragon to your side."

Quest Details



How To Start

Must have completed Wyrm Pen. Feed one of the captured Wyrms by interacting with the Pen, clicking it and selecting Feed. You will need to feed it one of the following: * 8 Coal * 8 Steak * 1 Cow * 2 Chickens * 2 Pigs * 5 Rats

Or a combination of the above.

Wait for around a minute for the Wyrm to turn into a Baby Dragon (don't keep the Pen screen open as this pauses the game). With this done, talk to the Alchemist and he will tell you about a dragon lair. To find the lair, return to the surface and dig to the right through the mountain (you will need at least and Iron Pickaxe to mine the stone) around 22 blocks, then up 2 blocks. Stand in-front of the Dragon to summon the Alchemist, then go through some dialogue to receive the quest.


You will need to capture three more Wyrms, using the same technique as the in the Wyrm Pen quest, then turn them into Baby Dragons using the method described above. Since you've already created 1 Dragon, you only need 4 more. The Pen can hold 2 animals at a time, so once 2 Wyrms have transformed into Dragons, you will need to remove them, then add new Wyrms.

With the Dragons hatched and in your inventory, return to the lair and summon the Alchemist again