Written by Burj. Last updated 19 November 2018.

"Hunter wants you to practice using weapons."

Quest Details



How To Start

You must have talked to the Miner and obtained a pickaxe to start. The Miner will appear to the left of your hut after completing the Build Storehouse quest. You must also have completed the Build Smelter quest to complete this quest.

Walk to the far right of the starting area where the snow begins, and the hunter will appear. Accept his help dealing with the boar and with learning how to hunt. He will give you a Workbench.


Crafting A Bow

You are free to either kill the Boar or craft the Bow first. However, as using a Bow makes killing Boar easier, it is recommended you do this to begin. For this, you'll need 4 Wood, obtained from chopping trees, and 1 Iron Bar. To create an Iron Bar, you'll need 2 Iron Iron Ore, which can be found by mining. Iron is somewhat rarer than Coal, and can generally be found a bit deeper (10+ blocks). Once you have your Iron, head up to your Smelter and click Iron Bar on the left side to make it. You'll need at least 1 Wood or 1 Coal to use as fuel.

With your 4 Wood and 1 Iron Bar, open up your inventory (V), click your Workbench, select Craft, and craft your Bow. You don't need to place your Workbench down to use it. If you want to use your bow for Boar hunting, you'll also need some arrows. One piece of Wood can craft two arrows, following the same process as above. Equip your Bow by opening your inventory and clicking it.

Boar Hunting

You can kill the Boar using any weapon and it will count towards the quest. As the Hunter notes, hitting an enemy from behind will cause a "Critical Strike". A good tactic is therefore to find a Boar, let it charge you, mine down 1 block and move down so it runs over you, then hit it from behind (preferably with your bow and arrow). Or if you're lucky and find a Boar facing away from you, just hit it.

Hiding is similar to hunting, right?

Once you have killed the Boar and Crafted a Bow, speak with the Hunter again who will now be around your camp to complete the quest.