Written by Burj. Last updated 19 November 2018.

"Alchemist wants you to slay a Wyrm to gain Dragonblood."

Quest Details



How To Start

Can be started after completing Build Hut, but requires you to have met the Miner and got a pickaxe to complete. Starting Hunting Boars first so you can craft a Bow is recommended (you could also complete Craft Workshop, but this will take longer). Speak with the Alchemist, who can be found by going to the far right of the starting area, then going down the purple tunnel into the purple cave.


Wyrms can be found tunneling underground. They generally create long, mostly horizontal burrows, so if you come across a flat tunnel you don't remember making try following it to find a Wyrm.

Wyrms have very high defence, and weak melee weapons such as Axes will do no damage at all to them. Using a Bow and Arrows is a good option. You can run faster than the Wyrms so just fire away, then run to a safe distance when the Wyrm gets too close and start firing again. Stronger melee weapons such as a Steel Sword will also work, but it is harder to avoid taking damage.

Digging down 1 block and trying to let the Wyrm run over you will not work unlike with Boar, as it will just tunnel down after you. Fences cannot be placed underground and so can't be used to stop Wyrms.

With the Wyrm dead, pick up the Dragonblood and speak with the Alchemist to finish the quest.