Written by Burj. Last updated 19 November 2018.

"Alchemist wants to fix the Rusty Axe."

Quest Details



How To Start

Speak with the Alchemist after completing Magic Materials with a Rusty Axe. If you need the Rusty Axe, see the walkthrough below.


Rusty Axe

The Rusty Axe can be found underground 35 blocks along, and three blocks deep. This is beneath the Hut, slightly to the left of the door.

The Rusty Axe chest.

If you have already taken the Axe from the chest and lost it, you can obtain another by fishing. To do this you need to have completed Build Dock, then craft a Fishing Rod using 2 Wood and 1 Cotton. Cotton seeds can be bought from the Food Seller, or after completing Build Dock enter your Barn and the Farmer will give you some. With your Rod created, head over to the water at the west of the Island and start fishing. Finding the Axe is a little uncommon, so this may take a short while.

Fire Tusk

The blanked out item in the quest log is a Fire Tusk, obtained by killing Fire Boars. A single Fire Boar can be found at the top of the Pumpkin Cave (52 blocks deep, a random distance across the Island, more information here) and multiple in the Fire Cave (92 blocks deep, a random distance across the Island, more information here). They can also be found on the Magic Island (accessed after the Hatching Dragons quest).

With the Rusty Axe and Fire Tusk gathered, return to the Alchemist to complete the quest.

Quest complete!


Be careful in the caves, they are quite dangerous.