Written by Burj. Last updated 19 November 2018.

"Alchemist wants to find the source of the magical energy spikes."

Quest Details



How To Start

Speak with the Alchemist after completing Wyrm Research, and mining at least one light purple block. This requires either * A Wyrm Drill created using an Alter Gem. With both the Gem and a Wyrm in your inventory, click the Gem, then select transform and choose the Wyrm. * A regular drill, created in the Factory at the Science Island can be used.


Finding the Old One

Equip your Spirit Goggles, and find the glowing blue squares located between the Forge (red structure) and Synthesizer (blue structure).

The glowing blue squares.

Dig down to find a cavern containing the Old One (the purple being). Walk up to them and summon the Alchemist.

The Fight

During the proceeding dialogue you will be given two options, "Work Together" or "Let Alchemist Fight".

Work Together

It is highly recommended to bring a good ranged weapon such as a gun, a shield, and some good food for if things go wrong. You may also want to bring along a lantern, as the cave can get dark at night making it difficult to see.

Select Work Together to help the Alchemist fight the Old One. After some dialogue the fight will begin, after which the fight will begin. Immediately move over to the right of the cave and stay behind the Alchemist's shield. The Old One will launch Magic Orbs towards you, but if you are positioned correctly these will be intercepted by the shield. Alternatively, you can use a shield such as a Kite Shield to block the damage. Once the last orb has hit either the shield or you, the Old One will be vulnerable for around 3 seconds. Move over to attack, then quickly hide behind the Alchemist or block with your shield again. The Old One will be surrounded by Orbs when vulnerable, so you will take damage if attacking with a melee weapon, which is why a good ranged weapon is recommended.

Hiding behind the Alchemist.

Once the Old One is below two thirds health, some new mechanics are introduced. The Alchemist will detect a magical energy spike. Immediately after this dialogue, move to the very top or bottom of the cave, as the Old One will unleash a beam of energy, dealing massive damage, even if you are blocking with a shield.

This will ruin your day.

After the beam, the Old One will once again become vulnerable and you should attack. This time however, after a few seconds the Old One will dash across the room and you will take damage from the Orbs. However, blocking with a shield will prevent this. Just don't forget to switch between holding your ranged weapon and holding your shield. The Alchemist will teleport to the opposite end, so if you don't have a shield move over to him.

There are no more mechanics after this, so continue to block and attack until the Old One is dead.

Let Alchemist Fight

If you let the Alchemist fight, a short cutscene and some dialogue will play where the Alchemist eventually dies, and the Old One disappears. If you choose this option, the Alchemist will not be in your world anymore.

The End

Whichever path you choose, the game will end and credits play, although you can reload your save and keep playing after this. Remember, there may be plenty more content, such as quests on the Science Island, for you to complete!