Written by Burj. Last updated 19 November 2018.

"Hunter wants to add Fences to the settlement."

Quest Details



How To Start

You must have finished the Build Farm and Hunting Boars quest before starting. Speak with the Hunter to begin.


Each Fence requires 2 wood to craft, so you'll need 12 to make all 6. Simply craft the Fences using either your workbench, or your Workshop if you have one. The Fence is located at the top of the crafting interface.

Crafting a fence.

Speak with the Hunter again to complete the quest. You will keep 5 of the Fences, which you can place around your settlement to keep the Boar out. To place a Fence, open your inventory, click it, and select Place. A Fence will be placed where your character is standing. It is recommended to place one on either side of your settlement (the Hunter will place one at one end). The rest can be placed elsewhere to provide protection when you're out exploring.

The fence is keeping the boar away. We're safe... For now.