Written by Burj. Last updated 19 November 2018.

"Mirrows want you to find Ship Parts underwater."

Quest Details



How To Start

Automatically started after completing Water Cave.



The ship parts are located underwater and you will need to build a submarine to find them. This requires:

It can be built in the Sub Pen.

Finding the Ship Parts

You may want to bring along a couple of pieces of Titanium to repair the Sub if things go wrong and some batteries to charge it. The ship parts can be found to the west of the underwater area. Enter the sub and keep going right until you come across a wall of sand with a tunnel going through it, containing lighter coloured water.

The tunnel.

Go through here, taking you underneath an island, and you will find various bits of debris scattered about (you may need to search around a bit). Collect these until you find one that gives ship parts (some will give only Titanium).

The debris.

Note that anything you gather in the submarine will be placed in its inventory. When you find the ship part, you will need to move it over to your inventory by clicking it. You can then talk to the Mirrows to complete the quest.