Written by Burj. Last updated 19 November 2018.

"Mirrows want to find a cave to build a Submarine in."

Quest Details



How To Start

Must have completed Confront Mirrows. Speak with one of the Mirrow scientists in their lab.


Find Water Cave

The Water Cave is located 20 blocks from the far left of the island, and 33 blocks down. This is around 3 blocks from where the dark brown sand turns into orange sand.

The horizontal position of the water cave.

The entrance looks like a purple hole in the rock.

The entrance to the water cave.

You just need to enter, then can leave again immediately.

Steel Bars

As always, steel Bars can be crafted, or bought from the market.


Uranium can be obtained from a few different places. It can be mined at the very bottom of the map, but is rather rare.

It is dropped by Stingers, found in the cave located 28 blocks from the left and 14 blocks down (inside the crashed ship, towards the right).

It is also dropped by Steel Wyrms, which can be found digging underground, like with regular Wyrms.


Silicon can be crafted from quartz at the factory. Quartz can be bought from the Market, or mined in the "forest" area of the island (not the desert), occurring around half way down the map, just above where the stone begins.

Speak with the Mirrows again to complete the quest.