Written by Burj. Last updated 19 November 2018.

"Hunter wants to tame the wolf Pup."

Quest Details



How To Start

Must complete Build Dock first. Speak to the Hunter to begin.


3 Nets

If you have completed the Build Market quest, you can buy nets from the Weapon Dealer for 40 gold each. If not, you will need to craft your own by growing cotton at your farm, then turning it into cloth and then nets at your Dock. You will need 24 Cotton in total for the 3 Nets.

3 Traps

Traps can also be bought at the Weapon Dealer, and cost 30 gold each. If you don't have access to the market, you can craft your own at a Workbench or Workshop with 1 Wood and 1 Iron Ore (not bar!) each.

6 Meat

If you have completed the Build Pig Pen quest, Meat can be gathered at your Farm and the Farmer will add it to your Storehouse. If you have access to the Market, it can be bought from the Foodseller for 10 gold each. Finally, it can of course be obtained by killing Boar. The Hunter will also add some to your Storehouse too.

Speak with the Hunter to complete the quest.

Quest complete!