Written by Burj. Last updated 19 November 2018.

"Alchemist wants you to find the secrets of the Wyrms."

Quest Details



How To Start

Must have completed Hatch Dragons. Head to the Dragon Lair, ride the Dragon (select 'Raise Dragons', then 'Fly Dragon'), and travel to the right over to the Magic Island. The Alchemist will appear. After his dialogue has ended, speak with him again to start the quest.


Find Wyrm Hive

The Wyrm have can be found 90 blocks along the Island (6 from the right), and 10 blocks down. A Wyrm tunnel will lead to it. Entering the hive will complete the first quest requirement.

The entrance to the Wyrm Hive.

Spirit Gem

The second requirement is a Spirit Gem. These can be found in chests in the bottom left and right corners of the Hive. From the entrance, move straight down (the Queen will not attack) until you reach a gap in the bedrock three blocks wide, then head left or right to a chest and take a Gem.

The gap in the bedrock.
The chest in the Wyrm Hive.

Spirit Gems can also be mined here on the Magic Island. They can be found near the bottom of the stone layer (light purple), but are rather rare. You will need a drill from a Factory at the Science Island (requires Build Factory) to mine this. Just taking some from the chests is definitely easier!