Written by Burj. Last updated 28 January 2019.

"Alchemist wants to experiment on Wyrms."

Quest Details



How To Start

If you accepted the Trader's help, you can start this quest after completing Build Market. If you sent the Trader away, you can start this quest after completing Build Dock. Either way, you'll also need to complete Magic Materials first. Speak with the Alchemist to begin.


Get the Net

You will need at least 2 to capture the 2 Wyrms, but since there is a small chance this process will fail and you will lose your net you may want to make a couple spare. Nets can be bought from the Weapon Dealer at the Market for 40 coins each. If you haven't already, sell some items or resources to get the cash. This is relatively easy, for example you can sell Wood for 4 coins each, or 12 Coal for 7 coins a piece to the Ore Seller. If you sent the Trader away and do not yet have access to the Market, you will need to craft your own by growing cotton at your farm, then turning it into cloth and then nets at your Dock.

Catching Worms

To catch a Wyrm, you will first need to get them from 8 to 6 health or below. Weak weapons such as a Stone Axe or Rusty Axe will not damage a Wyrm. Stronger melee weapons such as the Steel Axe will work. Hit the Wrym from behind, then when it turns around quickly move away then move behind it and repeat. Alternatively try using a Bow and Arrow. You can run faster than the Wyrms so just fire away, then run to a safe distance when the Wyrm gets too close and start firing again.

Next, you will need to lure the Wyrm into a net. Run ahead of it in the direction it is moving, then place the net by opening your inventory, clicking it and selecting Place. After the Wyrm has run into the net, it will struggle for a few seconds before being captured. Walk over it to pick it up. Repeat this twice to get both Wyrms.

Here wyrmy wyrmy wyrmy...

Speak with the Alchemist to finish the quest.