Written by Burj. Last updated 19 November 2018.

"Alchemist needs more help to finish his Wyrm research!"

Quest Details



How To Start

Can be started after completing Wyrm Hive. Rest in the purple structure and go through a cutscene, then speak with the Alchemist who will tell you about Fire and Water Gems.

You will need to obtain a Fire Gem, obtained from a Fire Spirit which can be found between the Lava and grey rock layers, underneath the entrance to the Wyrm Hive. Fire Spirits are only visible with the Spirit Goggles on. You will need to drop a Spirit Gem in front of it (use the second Gem from the Wyrm Hive) and it will turn into a Fire Gem, similar to trapping boar. For more information on Fire Gems, visit this page.

With the Fire Gem collected, head to the thin red structure at the surface and interact with it to enable the Forge. With this done, rest and go through another cutscene, then speak with the Alchemist to be given the quest.



Wyrms can be trapped underground or in the lair, same as the Starting Island.

Fire Tusk

Fire Boar which drop Fire Tusks can be found in the forest to the right of the Island. Sometimes there will be one at the Fence which you can attack without taking damage. If not and you need to find one, consider mining a block underground then mining right so you avoid damage from the trees.

Move underground in the forest to avoid damage from trees, then come to the surface to attack the Fire Boar.

Icy Fur

There is a Yeti on an Island above the Magic Island. However, since you need Dragon Armor to reach these, and this can only be crafted after completing this quest, you will need to head to the Ice Cave on the Starting Island. This can be found 82 blocks deep (10 blocks above the bedrock), a random distance along the island. 4 Yetis can be found at the surface. For more information, click here.

Talk with the Alchemist to complete the quest.


The Synthesizer will become useable after completing this quest, if you didn't activate it already.