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"Designed by Sinon Quade a decade before the start of the Cylon War, the Adamant carrier and cruiser combo has become the cornerstone of many Colonial fleet groups. What it lacks in speed, it makes up with its constant presence and firepower on the battlefield."


Type: Frigate



Light Turret x4
Range: 5000 m
Fire Rate: High
Accuracy: Low
Damage: 0.4

Light Turret x4
Range: 5000 m
Fire Rate: High
Accuracy: Low
Damage: 0.4

The left and right turrets are mounted on the top of the ship. However, they have good inclination and declination, and can hit targets significantly above them, and significantly below them if they are not too close.


Munition Slots: 1
Munition Reload Rate: 4 turns

Air Group

1 squadron

Armor and Hull

Left (Engineering): 60
Right (Engineering): 60
Front (Hangar): 30
Rear (Navigation): 60
Top (Fire Control): 60
Bottom (Tech Bay): 45

Hull: 80

Movement and Navigation

Speed: 128 m/s Turn Rate: 60 deg FTL Cooldown: 3 turns


CIC: 25
Navigation (Rear): 20
Fire Control (Top): 20
Engineering (Left / Right): 20
Tech Bay (Bottom): 20 Hangar (Front): 20
Armory: 20


Fleet points: 750
DRADIS Range: 5000 m
Size Class: 3
Build: 180 Tylium
Rush: 750 Tylium
Build time: 3 turns


The Adamant is a compact, well armored, but slow vessel. It is often used as a tank in the early game campaign or against weak skirmish opponents, protecting less well armored vessels such as Manticores and Berzerks.

With just four light turrets per side, the Adamant does not deal much damage itself, but rather enables other vessels to deal damage instead. With a squadron and munition slot, the Adamant also brings some useful utility to your fleet. S


Early Game Tank

With significantly more armor than the Manticore and Berzerk classes, the Adamant is a good tank for early in the campaign, or skirmishes against weaker enemies. Try placing your Adamant between the enemy and your weaker ships, and make sure it is the first vessel to enter the enemies missile range so it can soak up the damage. Enemy AI has a tendency to target stronger ships over weaker ones anyway, so this shouldn't be too difficult. If your Adamant starts to take damage, consider switching to a defensive posture, and moving to position your damaged armor sections away from enemy fire.

Broadsides and Positioning

The Adamant only has turrets on the left and right of the ship, so you will need to line up the side of your ship to the enemy for a 'broadside' to be able to damage them. This isn't always easy to do due to the ship's low mobility. Consider displaying the turret firing arcs by pressing the backslack key (\) to help with this.

The weak armor on the front of the ship is another good reason to keep your side to the enemy. Armor on the bottom of the Adamant is also relatively weak. Since its turrets are mounted on the top and have no trouble targetting vessels above them, you should try and approach enemies from below.

Try not to rely on Adamants for damage

With just four light turrets on each side, the Adamant does not deal much damage. If you have the Reinforcement Pack, consider using Adamant and Berzerk class ships together. Use the well armored Adamant to soak up damage, and position your Berzerk behind it to deal damage with 5x medium turrets.

Wall of Death

One common and effective early game tactic is to form a 'wall of death' or 'stack' of adamants. Place 2 - 3 of the ships above eachother and focus fire on a single ship at the time. If you have weaker ships such as Berzerks in your fleet, use the Adamants to shield these from enemy fire.

Viper Defence

Unlike Battlestars, which have flak walls, Adamants have no built in missile protection. If using them to tank, consider initially assigning the ships's viper squadron to defend it. They can then intercept any incoming enemy missiles which the AI commonly launches when your ships first come into range. Vipers are however less effective at intercepting torpedoes. Later in the game (or in skirmish and multiplayer mode), EMP Mines and Sweepers offer more effective alternatives.

Viper Recalls

Don't forget that if your squadron is taking damage, it can be recalled to the ship to heal up. Even if only a single craft makes it back, the entire squadron can be regenerated over time.

Adamants in the late game

Later in the campaign, Adamants will be outclassed by other ships (namely, the Artemis Battlestar, which performs a similar role but does it better). Adamants can still offer some utility by carrying nukes, but be careful not to get them too close to the action as they will quickly take damage.

Alternatively, in campaign mode, having a fleet commander by an office stationed at a colony will 'fortify' it, increasing it's Quorum status and the resources provided. It doesn't matter how big the fleet is, a single Adamant with an officer will do the job. This can be a good way of using Adamants which have been replaced by more powerful ships in your fleet.

Comparisons with the Berzerk

The Adamant is often compared with the Berzerk, as they are both early game light carriers. However, they are very different ships. The Adamant is well armored, with weak turrets, making it suitable as a front-lining tank, while the Berzerk is poorly armored but with far stronger turrets, making it more suited to dishing out damage while being protected by other ships. The Berzerk also lacks a munitions slot.

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