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"Predominantly used for hit-and-run tactics and scouting missions, the Manticore also serves well in larger strike groups as a flanking element. Long-range compatible missile tubes and an uncommon aft-facing turret configuration makes this a versatile fighter."


Type: Corvette



Corvette Cannon x1
Range: 5000 m
Fire Rate: Very High
Accuracy: Medium
Damage: 1

Mounted bottom. Can fire on ships significantly below. but cannot fire on ships significantly higher, especially if close, due to angle.

Light Turret x2
Range: 5000 m
Fire Rate: High
Accuracy: Low
Damage: 0.4

Mounted top. Can fire on ships significantly above, but cannot fire on ships significantly lower, especially if close, due to angle.


Munition slots: 1
Munition Reload Rate: 4 turns

Air Group


Amor and Hull

Left (Armory): 30
Right (Armory): 30
Front (Fire Control): 45
Rear (Navigation): 30
Top (Tech Bay): 45
Bottom (Engineering): 30

Hull: 60

Movement and Navigation

Range: ~25
Speed: 180 m/s
Turn rate: 84 deg
FTL Cooldown: 2 turns


CIC: 25
Navigation (Rear): 20
Fire Control (Front): 20
Engineering (Bottom): 20
Tech Bay (Top): 20
Armory (Left / Right): 20


Fleet points: 500
DRADIS Range: 6000 m
Size Class: 2
Build: 120 Tylium
Rush: 500 Tylium
Build time: 2 turns


The Manticore is the cheapest, weakest (non-specialist) ship in Battlestar Galactica Deadlock. It is the first, and initially only ship you have access to in the campaign, and will form the bulk of your fleets early game. However, if used appropriately, the Manticore can be useful beyond this too.



The vast majority of ships in Battlestar Galactica Deadlock have their main armaments along their sides or top, meaning the most effective strategy is to come in for a "broadside" (aim your side at the enemy). The Manticore is different. This ship has it's main armament facing forward, and no turrets to the sides, meaning you need to face the enemy head on. This actually makes positioning somewhat easier - no need to line up a broadside, just point yourself towards a target. Or, in a larger fleet, your Manticores can be continuing to deal damage, while your other ships get aligned. The forward facing corvette cannon is actually a relatively strong weapon, with a high rate of fire, and decent damage and accuracy.

Rear Light Turrets

While highlighted in the in-game description as an uncommon feature, the Manticore's rear turrets are incredibly weak, and will deal little damage to even the weakest of enemies. Do not rely on these.


The main corvette cannon on the Manticore is facing down. This means it cannot attack enemies significantly above it, especially if they are close by. This means you should keep your ship above the enemy when coming in to attack. This is different to other ships, such as Battlestars, which have their main guns up top. Conversely, the rear light turrets are pointing up and cannot hit enemies significantly below. Therefore, when facing away from an enemy (such as when retreating) you should drop the ship down.

Wolfpack Tactics

Due to their low cost and fleet points, multiple Manticores can be squeezed in a fleet. Alone these ships are quite weak, but several working together can take down far stronger enemies. With the forward facing cannon, just point towards the target and shoot (remember to use focus fire), then move on to the next one.

Nuke and Missile Platform

Each ship can hold the same number of missiles per munitions slot. This means that a Manticore (the weakest ship in the game) can hold the same number of nukes (1) or other missiles as a Jupiter (the strongest ship in the game)! Add a few of these cheap ships to your fleet to easily increase the number of nukes or missiles at your disposal during a battle.

Precision Firing

Due to their high maneuverability, a Manticore can be positioned to fire at a specific location on an enemy, wearing down it's armor, or attacking where armor has already been destroyed. A Manticore delivering a precision nuke to an unarmored section of even a powerful ship will have a devastating impact.

Hit and Run

Manticores are lightly armored. If fighting powerful opponents, you should try to make sure your more heavily armoured ships are taking the brunt of enemy fire. If a Manticore is starting to be focused by an enemy, use it's high speed and mobility to get out of range of the fire. Consider boosting your engines to get away quicker. You can then come back in for another attack once the enemy targets another ship, or move to a safer part of the battle and engage a weaker enemy instead. Alternatively, if you have a Celesta support ship, you can use this to repair damaged armor, or if persistent damage is disabled, simply keep the Manticore in a safe place until the battle is (hopefully) won, and it will be fully repaired for the next engagement.

Scouting and Bait

Due to their high mobility and speed, Manticores can be used to scout ahead of the rest of your fleet, which will be slower and less maneuverable. Once you get close enough to targets to identify them, enemies can then be fired on with missiles, from both the Manticore and the rest of your ships. Be careful however, as enemies are likely to launch missiles at you too, which will shred through the Manticores light armour. Consider attaching a squadron of Vipers to defend your scouting Manticore and intercept any incoming munitions. This will work well to destroy incoming guided missiles, but Vipers are far less effective at dealing with torpedoes.

Indeed, using your scouting Manticore as bait to draw out missiles salvos from enemies can be a useful tactic. Just be aware, as soon as your powerful ships come in to range of your opponents, they are likely to be targeted instead.

Campaign Occupation

In campaign mode, having a fleet commander by an office stationed at a colony will 'fortify' it, increasing it's Quorum status and the resources provided. It doesn't matter how big the fleet is, a single Manticore with an officer will do the job. Since the ships are so cheap, multiple colonies can be fortified, increasing income.

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