Written by Burj. Last updated 15 April 2019.

While regular trees can be found almost everywhere, Oak Trees are a little more rare. So if you plan on cutting a lot of them, it makes sense to spend a bit of time thinking about where the best place is. This short guide has a few options.

Spot 1: North west of Fiewon (north western town: 26, 21)

There's a small collection of Oak Trees just to the north west of the town. With 4 trees in fairly close proximity, you will never have to wait for one to regrow, and the bank is only around 23 steps away. Place an oak lumber camp in the middle of two trees and it will be close enough to cut both of them. The top two trees are slightly closer to the bank but slightly farther apart, while the bottom two are slightly closer together but a tad farther from the bank.

Spot 2: North east of Bodiam (south eastern town: 190, 162)

The three trees here have the advantage of being fairly close together, and being close to a bank (a similar distance to those at Fiewon). As with Fiewon, place a lumber camp between either the western tree and the middle one, or the southern tree and the middle one, and it will be close enough to cut both.

Spot 3: North of Hyril (south westerm town: 32, 154)

There's just two trees here, but most of the time that is enough. They are slightly farther apart than at Fiewon or Bodiam, but a similar distance to the bank. A decent training location if you are in the south west of the map.

Spot 4: South east of Cadgwith (north eastern town: 178, 28)

This spot is about twice as far from the bank as the other locations. The advantage is it is one of the only spots where you have three trees in close proximity. Most of the time, the first tree will have regrown by the time you have finished cutting the second, so the third isn't needed. But if you want to set up a woodcutting camp and make sure you're never waiting around for the trees to reappear, this is the place to do it.

Spot 5: South east of Hyril (south western town: 84, 179)

Finally, these two trees are the farthest from the bank out of the locations I've covered. However, they are also the closest together pair of Oaks in the game. If you are using a lumber camp, this can be a good spot. You will minimize the amount of time spent walking between trees, leading to optimal XP rates.