Written by Burj. Last updated 12 April 2019.

Trees can be found just about everywhere in Guilds of Gods. But wheres the best place to cut them? This guide will go over the options. If you have any trouble finding them, their coordinates are listed, and you can always see your current location by right-clicking on the ground.

Closest single tree to a bank: South of Cadgwith (north eastern town: 145, 21)

There is just 16 tiles between this tree and the bank, making it the closest regular tree to a bank in the game. With another 5 steps south of it, you won't have to walk far to find another once you have felled it, making this a great place to train woodcutting.

Closest pair of trees to a bank: North of Bodiam (south eastern town: 174, 162)

Both of these trees are around 17 tiles from the bank, making this another good training location. While the distance is marginally farther, the space between the two trees is less than at Cadgwith so you will spend less time walking between them.

Closest trio of trees to a bank: North of Fiewon (north western town: 26, 24)

Still want more trees? The three here are around 18 steps from the bank. Most of the time, the first tree will respawn before you finish cutting the second, making the third unnecessary. But for the rare occasions it is needed, this spot has you covered. A good location for lumber camps, since as you'll be noting logs, the distance to the bank is less of an issue, and you'll never be waiting for a tree to regrow, leading to optimal XP rates. The town also has a woodcutting store, if you need to buy axes.

Closest trees to a shop: South of the Hyril Magic Store (south western town: 36, 183)

If you plan on selling your logs straight to a shop, the Magic Store by the south entrance to Hyril is very close to a pair of trees. Remember, you will get the same price for selling your logs at any store, you don't get a better deal selling them to a woodcutting shop.