Written by Burj. Last updated 12 April 2019.

Woodcutting is a skill that allows you to cut down the various types of trees scattered throughout the world using an axe, in order to obtain different kinds of logs. These logs can be used along with other resources to create bows and arrows using the fletching skill, and structures using the construction skill, or set alight using the firemaking skill. Alternatively, they can be sold to shops or other players for a profit.

How to chop down trees

To train woodcutting, you need an axe that you have a high enough woodcutting level to use. At level 1, this is just a Copper Axe. You can either wield it, or just have it in your inventory. Next find a tree that you have a high enough woodcutting level to cut down. At level 1, this is just regular trees. Click on it and you will start chopping away, and logs will begin to appear in your inventory. You will continue cutting the tree until it is felled. It will reappear after a short time.


There are different kinds of axes available. The Copper Axe can be used at level 1, but others require a minimum level. Higher level axes do not result in you getting logs quicker, or getting more logs from each tree. However, they are required to build higher level Woodcutting Camps. They also have better combat stats, which may come in useful if you come across a pesky goblin on your way to a tree.

Axe Name Woodcutting Level
Copper Axe Copper Axe 1
Iron Axe Iron Axe 10
Steel Axe Steel Axe 20
Nelenite Axe Nelenite Axe 30
Gothite Axe Gothite Axe 40
Osmium Axe Osmium Axe 50

How to get an axe

You automatically start with a bronze axe when you create a new account. Lower level axes (bronze to steel) can be bought from woodcutting shops. Higher level ones must be made using the Smithing skill. Alternatively, you can buy them from other players.

Where to buy an axe

Bronze, Iron and Steel Axes can be bought from woodcutting shops.

Axe Name Price
Copper Axe Copper Axe 22
Copper Axe Iron Axe 63
Copper Axe Steel Axe 129

One shop is located in Fiewon, the town in the top left of the world. The woodcutting shop is the bottom right building (coordinates 32, 38).

The other is in Hyrill, in the bottom left of the world. The woodcutting shop is the the triangular building to the west of the northern entrance (coordinates 29, 164).

How to make an axe

Alternatively, axes can be made using the smithing skill.

Axe Name Smithing level Bars
Copper Axe Copper Axe 1 Copper 1 Copper Bar
(2 Copper Ore)
Iron Axe Iron Axe 10 1 Iron Bar
(2 Iron Ore)
Steel Axe Steel Axe 20 1 Steel Bar
(2 Iron Ore, 1 Coal)
Nelenite Axe Nelenite Axe 30 1 Nelenite Bar
(2 Nelenite Ore, 2 Coal)
Gothite Axe Gothite Axe 40 1 Gothite Bar
(2 Gothite Ore, 2 Coal)
Osmium Axe Osmium Axe 50 1 Osmium Bar
(2 Osmium Ore, 3 Coal)
Where to get an axe

Finally, a Bronze Axe can be found at 100, 173.


With your trusty axe in hand, you can start chopping trees. Regular trees can be found all over the world and can be cut at level 1. Other trees require a higher woodcutting level. These higher level trees are also rarer, but provide more valuable logs. The table below gives an overview of the different types of trees.

Tree Logs Name Woodcutting level Experience
Tree Logs Tree 1 25
Oak Tree Oak Logs Oak Tree 10 50
Ash Tree Ash Logs Ash Tree 20 75
Fur Tree Fur Logs Fur Tree 30 100
King Maple Tree King Maple Logs King Maple Tree 40 125
Magic Tree Magic Logs Magic Tree 50 150

Where to sell logs

The logs you receive can be sold to shops to make some cash. Logs can be sold to any shops, not just woodcutting shops, and they will be bought for the same price. You will also be offered the same price irregardless of how many logs the shop has in stock. The shop prices for logs are listed in the table below.

Logs Name Shop buys for Shop sells for
Logs Logs 2 3
Oak Logs Oak Logs 5 8
Ash Logs Ash Logs 9 16
Fur Logs Fur Logs 19 34
King Maple Logs King Maple Logs 28 52
Magic Logs Magic Logs 38 71

Lumber Camps

Lumber camps are created using the Construction skill. They allow you to automatically chop down trees and note the logs, but will disappear after a certain number of logs have been noted. The higher your Construction level, the more logs that can be noted and the longer the camp can be used for.

Each lumber camp can be used to cut a specific type of tree, and so there are six camps to match the six tree types. To build a camp you must have a saw in your inventory, which can be bought from any general store. Each camp also requires five of a specific type of log and a specific type of axe, which will be consumed to create it. They are listed in the table below.

Camp Name Processes Woodcutting level Construction level Items required Construction XP for building Construction XP per log noted
Lumber Camp Lumber Camp Trees and Logs 10 1 5 Logs, Copper Axe 100 5
Oak Lumber Camp Oak Lumber Camp Oak Trees and Oak Logs 20 10 5 Oak Logs, Iron Axe 200 10
Ash Lumber Camp Ash Lumber Camp Ash Trees and Ash Logs 30 20 5 Ash Logs, Steel Axe 300 15
Fur Lumber Camp Fur Lumber Camp Fur Trees and Fur Logs 40 30 5 Fur Logs, Nelenite Axe 400 20
King Maple Lumber Camp King Maple Lumber Camp King Maps Trees and King Maple Logs 50 40 5 King Maple Logs, Gothite Axe 500 25
Magic Lumber Camp Magic Lumber Camp Magic Trees and Magic Logs 60 50 5 Magic Logs, Osmium Axe 600 30

Using Lumber Camps

To create a lumber camp, using your saw on the logs. Your camp will be built where you stand. Camps will only allow you to cut trees within five steps of them. Ideally, build your camp within five steps of two trees, so once one tree has been cut down your adventurer will move to the other.

Right clicking on your camp reveals four options.

Operate: Your adventurer will move to a tree and start cutting it. Once your inventory is full, they will return to the camp to note the logs, and start again.

Check: Displays how many more logs the camp can process before disappearing.

Process: Notes the logs you have in your inventory.

Disassemble: Removes the camp. You can only have a certain number of camps down at a time. Disassembling a camp will not return the logs or axe used to build it.

Since the camp notes your logs automatically, it doesn't really matter how much free inventory space you have. An efficient technique to train wodocutting is to fill your inventory with a large number of axes and a saw. Go to the trees you wish to cut, and chop them until you have five logs. Use these and one of the axes to create a camp, and start using it. When the camp depletes, you can simply repeat the process. This allows you to train for long periods of time without having to return to a bank.


Bag Bags are created using the Crafting skill. They can hold multiple items while only taking up one inventory space. They can be used to hold logs, increasing the amount you can carry before returning to a bank. They can also be used to hold axes for creating lumber camps, allowing you to chop trees for extremely long periods before banking.