Written by Burj. Posted on 29 April 2021.

Week 1 of the SPL is in the bag. Here's the most important numbers you might have missed.


The number of seconds ScaryD was alive for after hitting the ground at the end of CaptainTwig's Ne Zha ult, before being swiftly wiped out by BigManTingz Kuku ult to become the first death of Season 8.


Your % chance of dying after getting plucked by AwesomeJake408's Sobek in game 2 of the Olympus Bolts vs Atlantis Leviathans. With 10 successful plucks and just two kills following them up, you shouldn't need to be too worried.


The number of snipes ultimates landed on an enemy by Hurriwind after he was allowed Janus in game 1 of the Oni Warriors vs Jade Dragons.


The number of snipes ultimates landed on an enemy in game 2 after he was somehow allowed Janus again.


The amount of HP Variety was above execute threshold by when he was taken into the air by ScaryD's Ao ultimate in game 2 of the Tartarus Titans vs Camelot Kings, letting him survive by the thinnest of margins. Ao Kuang's King of the Eastern Seas ultimate executes when the target is at 30% health or below. Variety had 1,330 HP, meaning he needed to be at 399 or below to be executed, but was at 400 as it went off.


The amount of damage done to the Order Titan by the Camelot Kings in a wild backdoor attempt during game 2 of their set against the Jade Dragons. Of this, 3,425 was done by Variety (Sun Wukong), 1,796 by BigManTingz (Raijin), 801 by Genetics (Ymir), 630 by CaptainTwig (Hun Batz) and 409 by Netrioid (Jing Wei). With Titans having 15,000 HP, they needed another 7,939 to end.


The number of seconds between the King's first hit on the Order Titan, and them getting deicide'd by the Dragons who quickly realised what was going on. Mission failed, we'll get 'em next time.