Written by Burj. Posted on 10 June 2021.

You like numbers, right? Here's the best ones from week 5 of the SPL.


The number of times players got yeeted dropkicked during Gilgamesh's first week in the SPL. Of these, 75 were yeets into walls or other players. Lasbra was the most prolific yeeter, showing off his pro wrestling skills by causing 7,127 damage to players with dropkicks. Aror, Genetics, CaptainTwig and Hurriwind on the other hand all suffered the sad fate of dying to a dropkick.


The number of times Nika used King Arthur's ult in game 1 of the Oni Warriors vs Camelot Kings, as he brought Variety up in the air before smashing him back down, over, and over, and over again.


How many minutes Netrioid went without doing any player damage in game 1 of the Camelot Kings vs Jade Dragons. After hitting a basic attack on fineokay during a teamfight at the Pyromancer at the 10 minute mark to reach 879 player damage, it would be 552 seconds until the Kings' ADC hit anyone again, when he joined in with a three-man gank onto Pandacat. Got to get that duolane farm.


How much damage BigManTingz's Tiamat minions did to the Dragons' Titan in game 1 of the Camelot Kings vs Jade Dragons. Order minions did another 6,473, letting the Kings get the win without actually hitting the titan a single time.


The level of flex when emilitoo brought out Chronos using his NRG 2017 Champion Skin in game 1 of the Jade Dragons vs Valhalla Valkyries.