Written by Burj. Posted on 17 June 2021.

Here's your regular dose of chaotic neutral Smite stats. The most important numbers you might have missed from the last week of SPL.


The number of times the Solar Scarabs got their purple buff in game 1 of the Solar Scarabs vs Jade Dragons.


The number of times the Jade Dragons got the Solar Scarabs' purple buff in game 1 of the Solar Scarabs vs Jade Dragons. The Dragons claimed the enemy jungle for their own, also taking 3 out of 7 of the Scarabs' blue buffs, and the majority of mid camps.


The amount of damage done by SoloOrTroll's Bluestone Pendant and Bluestone Brooch in game 2 of the Scarabs vs Dragons, winning the most damage done by items award. No, I'm not sure why I took the time to calculate this either.


The number of minutes it took Boronic to do any player damage in game 3 of the Scarabs vs Dragons. The Scarabs' midlaner was sat on zero damage for the first 438 seconds. At 229 seconds he managed to get an assist on PolarBearMike, despite having done no damage to him, or to any other player for that matter. It then took another 209 for Boronic to finally get some damage off. It was worth the wait however, as he slammed a Janus ult into the face of Sam4Soccer2 who had to use his own Thanatos ult in response to escape.


The healing done by the Soul Gem proc that saved Dardez's life in game 3 of the Jade Dragons vs Oni Warriors. At 38 minutes 42 seconds, Dardez, who was playing Agni and on virtually no health, was hit by an Overhead Smash from Fineokay's King Arthur, which dealt 241 damage. At the exact same time, Dardez hit a Fire Wave onto Fineokay, proccing Soul Gem, healing for 213 health, and saving his life. Half a second later, Dardez hit a basic attack onto Fineokay, and half a second after that Noxious Fumes on the ground ticked and caused another 36 damage, killing the Dragons' solo laner. Dardez, somehow, both got away, and got the kill.


The number of teams I support that made it to the playoffs. :(

If you've got any weird Smite stats from specific games you'd like me to check, let me know!