Written by Burj. Last updated 27 December 2018.

Quest Details

How to start

Talk to Quintin Conner, found in the cave at the northern end of the Rusty Bucket Winery.




"Bring me 6 Cave Bug Wings. Than[sic] I can show off to my friends that I killed them all alone."



Quest Walkthrough

You guessed right, Cave Bug Wings Cave Bug Wings are dropped by Cave Bugs. Little Cave Bugs to be exact. These can be found by moving left into the cave. The path left is blocked by a drop down which you can't move past, but there is a path through at the bottom of the cave, so from Quintin start by moving down and left. There are Feroceous Boar around the area, which you can kill or ignore.

Next, move up through the gap.

Continue going up and you will see another gap. Move left through it.

Little Cave Bugs will start appearing in this area. They look like little green insects, some examples are highlighted in the image below.

More bugs can be found by continuing to move left.

Move left and follow the passage way up and you will come across even more. It really is an infestation.

More bugs, along with other monsters, can be found by moving deeper into the cave. But remember, the father you go, the farther you will have to travel back to Quintin to complete the quest.

Simply kill the 6 bugs and collect their wings, then return to Quintin to finish. As always, make sure you have your best equipment wielded. If you need to heal up, use a health potion. And if things go really wrong, you can always run back to the entrance and exit the cave, where no monsters will attack you and you can wait for your health to regenerate.


You can be ultra efficient by completing this quest at the same time as Kill Little Cave Bugs. Kill the bugs and get their wings at the same time.