Written by Burj. Last updated 07 January 2019.

Quest Details

How to start

Talk to Casamir Luscombe inside the Luscombe House, in the south-east of Farshore.

Casamir Luscombe


Must have completed Help Casamir.


"I also heard that in the abandoned house in the east there are living some Faligobs. This are some mysterious slime beasts. Try to collect some slime from them. I think I need it for my recipe."



Quest Walkthrough

The abandoned house can be found to the south east. Use the map below to help you navigate there.

Go inside through the front door.

Head down into the basement using the bottom set of stairs to the right.

The Faligobs can be found all around the basement. Some examples are highlighted below, but there are many more.

They are fairly standard monsters with a melee attack. Make sure you have your best equipment wielded, and remember you can always run back upstairs if you need to wait for your health to regenerate or wait to use a healing potion.

Simply kill 5 of the Faligobs, pick up the Slime they drop, then return to Casamir to complete the quest.