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Quest Details

How to start

Talk to Rei Mullet, stood outside the Karlsen House in the Rusty Bucket Winery, in the north-east of Farshore. She is below the house, towards the right.

Rei Mullet.


Must have completed Kill Wasp Workers, Talk again Kalos Karlsen and Collected Grapes.

Must be lvl 3.


"Can you help our workers and bring hose harvest boxes over to me? You will also get something for it. You can find the boxes in the field south from here."



Quest Walkthrough

As Rei said, the boxes can be found in the fields ~5 tiles south. They are scattered all around. A fence runs between them, and boxes can be found both to the left and right of this.

You are looking specifically for the wooden boxes with a cross pattern on top Harvest Box. Other boxes, such as those without a cross pattern, or those without a lid, cannot be collected.

Some examples are shown below, but there are many more.

Some Harvest Boxes on the ground.

To pick up the boxes, simply move next to one, look towards it, and interact with it (E on keyboard). The boxes do respawn after a short time, but it is quicker to move around.

With 7 boxes collected, speak with Rei again to complete the quest.

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