Written by Burj. Last updated 21 November 2018.

Quest Details

How to start

Talk to Aad Zweerink, located between the two fields south of the Rudyard Farmhouse in Farshore.


Must have completed Find Aad Zweerink.


"Do you see these white things on the plants in the fields? These are spider cocoons. When they hatch, they will eat us[sic] the whole harvest. Destroy the spider cocoons for me and I will reward you."



Quest Walkthrough

The cocoons are small, elongated white things Cocoon. They can be found all around the fields to the left and right of Aard. Some examples are highlighted below, but there are many more.

Some Spider Cocoons. Eww.

Attack the cocoons once to destroy them. Cocoons will respawn after a short time, but it's quicker to destroy one then move to the next. You'll get 1 exp for each cocoon destroyed, which is nice.

With 8 cocoons destroyed, speak with Aard to complete the quest.