Written by Burj. Last updated 25 December 2018.

Quest Details

How to start

Talk to Rei Mullet, stood outside the Karlsen House in the Rusty Bucket Winery, in the north-east of Farshore. She is below the house, towards the right.

Rei Mullet.


Must have completed Collect Harvest.


"Can you check on my worker Rory Pulu? I haven't seen him for hours. He should be somewhere north from here. Just follow the path to the right of us and up through the wineyard[sic]. He should be right at the north end of the wineyard."


Quest Walkthrough

You just need to follow Rei's very thoroug directions to find Rory.

First, follow the path you are on to the right.

At the end of the path, follow it north into the field.

Continue slightly north past the end of the path.

Your path north will be blocked by some grapevines. Go left or right around these, then exit the fied at the top.

Rory can be found just to the left.

Speak with him to complete the quest.