Written by Burj. Last updated 02 January 2019.

Quest Details

How to start

Talk to Casamir Luscombe inside the Luscombe House, in the south-east of Farshore.

Casamir Luscombe


Must have completed Leaf Beetle Remainings.


"I will start to work at my formula now. But I have one last wish. A few days ago a researcher was here, which wanted to investigate a cave in the way east behind the corn fields. He wanted to get back to me, but I have not heard from him jet[sic]. Please search for him and check if he is alright."


Quest Walkthrough

Viliatus Carlsen can be found east of the Unknown Fields, east of the Luscombe House, by the entrance to the Cygluln Cave.

Head over there using the map below. Use the in-game map (default key M) if you have trouble finding your way.

Viliatus is stood by the entrance to the cave. Speak with him to complete the quest.