Written by Burj. Last updated 08 November 2018.

Quest Details

How to start

Speak to Catherine Greenhill. She is just right of the pier, on the west side of Farshore, just above the main path.

Catherine Greenhill.


"I am very worried about my puppy Rufus. Could you please pick 5 Aseona Berries for me, so Rufus does not eat them by accident. They ae lethal for dogs. The red berries grow everywhere on the bushes here in the town."


Quest Walkthrough

The Aseona Berries look like small red circles, on a variety of different looking green bushes. Aseona Berries

As Catherine says, they can be found all around the town. The five closest to her are highlighted below, although there are many more.

Some Aseona Bushes.

Simply walk up to a bush, face towards it, and interact with it (E on keyboard) to pick some berries. Once you have collected 5, speak with Catherine again to complete the quest.