Written by Burj. Last updated 06 January 2019.

Quest Details

How to start

Talk to Casamir Luscombe inside the Luscombe House, in the south-east of Farshore.

Casamir Luscombe


Must have completed Inspect Mutated Plants.


"Ok you have to go back into the cellar for me and harvest some of the mutated grapes. I have to analyse the plants to improve the formula for next year. The grapes are at the other end of the cellar, they should be more blueish."



Quest Walkthrough

Head back down into the basement, using the bottom set of stairs left of Casamir.

The mutated vines are found in the room at the bottom left of the basement.

The vines are located in rows. Harvest the plants by interacting with them. They will give either a leaf or fruit. Keep going until you have the 8 leaves and 10 fruit.

Be aware that each plant will give either leaves or fruit. If you have collected either all the leaves, or all the fruit, and are still harvesting to collect the rest of the other, you could try to harvest a plant that gives the resource that you have already completed collecting. If this happens, nothing will happen. Just keep trying other plants until you find one that gives what you need.

With the leaves and fruit collected, return to Casamir to complete the quest.