Written by Burj. Last updated 04 January 2019.

Quest Details

How to start

Talk to Farmworker John on Northwind Farm, north-west of the Daristan House.

Farmworker John.


Must have completed Slaughter Pigs.


"Hey, I have seen some Hungry Forest Bears at the edge of the woods in the north. If you really are as good as everybody is telling, then kill 4 of them. But I belief[sic] you can't do it."



Quest Walkthrough

The Hungry Forest Bears can be found to the north, in the area indicated below.

The bears are fairly standard monsters. They have an expanded melee attack that will hit the square directly in front of them, as well as the square above and below this. They can also stun you for a short period if you are moving and they get too close. The bears are aggressive, and surrounded by aggressive Forest Boars to the south, so if you need to heal up you'll have to run quite a distance to get to a safe area.

Simply kill 4 of the bears, then return to Farmworker John to complete the quest.


You can complete this quest at the same time as Hungry Bear Mother since they are in the same area.