Written by Burj. Last updated 19 November 2018.

Quest Details

How to start

Talk to Janus Hammer in the fields east of the Rudyard Farm House. He is marked as Lumbering on the world map.

Janus Hammer's location.
Janus Hammer.


Must have completed Kill Field Rats.




"I've heard in the barn above us are still much more aggresive[sic] rats. Try to kill 5 of them. Take this club, you will need it"

Quest Walkthrough

You are given a Stone Baton when you start the quest. Make sure to switch to this, rather than continuing to use the Sturdy Stick, as it is more powerful.

The barn is located slightly above and to the left of Janus, enter it through the door.

The entrance to the barn.

Inside if filled with numerous Aggressive Rats. These will attack if you get too close, and multiple can attack at once, so keep well away or even leave the barn if you need to recover some health. Try to avoid moving around too much as you could end up with several rats attacking you - just try to deal with 1 at once.

With 5 killed, return to Janus to complete the quest.