Written by Burj. Last updated 29 December 2018.

Quest Details

How to start

Talk to Billie Burns, found in the cave at the northern end of the Rusty Bucket Winery.

Head west into the cave, then follow the passage up. Billie can be found there.




"Earlier I have seen a really big and old bear. He seems to be the leader of the pack. When you manage to kill him, I have a unreasonable big reward for you. But please be careful. I think he is strong."



Quest Walkthrough

Beowulf the Old can be found near the cavern with the Brown Bears.

Getting to the cavern with the Brown Bears

Head north to the end of the passageway.

You will enter a large open area. Head north and east, following the wall on the right.

You will come across a passage on the right. Head in to it.

Walk right until you come to the end of the passage. The entrance to the next section of the caves is here, go in to it.

You will enter another cavern. Head south.

At the end of the cavern is another passage. Walk down into it.

At the end of the passage, head right into another cavern.

You will enter an open area filled with Bears.

Getting to Beowulf the Old

At the top right covern of the cave, you will find another passage.

Head up it, and you will find Beowulf the Old - a grey bear.

The Fight

Beowulf is a standard monster who attacks using melee, and can stun you for a very short period of time if you are running away and he gets to close. Despite what Billie says, he is only a little stronger than the regular Brown Bears.

Kill Beowulf, then return to Billie to complete the quest.


You can be uber efficient by completing this quest at the same time as Kill Brown Bears and Collect Bear Bones. You'll need to visit the cavern with the bears for these, so can take a quick detour to kill Beowulf while you're at it.