Written by Burj. Last updated 19 November 2018.

Quest Details

How to start

Talk to Janus Hammer in the fields east of the Rudyard Farm House. He is marked as Lumbering on the world map.

Janus Hammer's location.
Janus Hammer.


Must have completed Talk to Janus Hammer.


"There are still so many rats, despite the traps we have set up. You look strong enough to kill a few of these beasts for us. Kill 6 Field Rats for me in the field to the right of us."



Quest Walkthrough

The Field Rats can be found all over the fields to the right of Janus, both above and below the path, and after it ends to the right. Some examples are shown below, but there are many more.

Some of the rats.

Attack and kill 6 of these. Pay attention to your health in the top right, and wait a moment to let it regenerate before attacking the next rat if you need to. Once you've killed 6, return to Janus to complete the quest.


Consider completing Collect the rat traps first. One of the rewards is a Health Potion, which may be useful during this quest.