Written by Burj. Last updated 27 December 2018.

Quest Details

How to start

Talk to Rory Pulu, found just north of the field to the east of the Karlsen House in the Rusty Bucket Winery.




"Can you kill some of the Furious Boars here in the cave? I think they come to the farm every night and start to eat the harvest."



Quest Walkthrough

Head right, then go up through the first gap in the trees.

Follow the clearing up and to the right. You will come across the first Furious Boar.

Follow the clearing left and up.

You will find another Boar.

Now, you can just kill these 2 for the quest. But you will be waiting around for a while for them to spawn again after they die. As Rory mentions, they can also be found in the cave. The entrance can be found at the top of the clearing.

Furious Boars can be found throughout the cave. There are 2 by the entrance.

More can be found further south.

The cave continues west, and even more Boar can be found. But the further in you go, the further you will have to travel to return to Rory to complete the quest.

Simply kill the 3 Boars, then return to Rory to finish. As always, make sure you have your best equipment wielded. If you need to heal up, use a health potion. And if things go really wrong, you can always run back to the entrance and exit the cave, where no monsters will attack you and you can wait for your health to regenerate.


It is highly recommended to complete Where is Quintin Conner at the same time as this quest if possible, as both require you to enter (or go near) the Winery Cave.