Written by Burj. Last updated 19 November 2018.

Quest Details

How to start

Talk to Janus Hammer in the fields east of the Rudyard Farm House. He is marked as Lumbering on the world map.

Janus Hammer's location.
Janus Hammer.


Must have completed Kill Aggressive Rats.


"One of the workers told me last night that he has seen a huge rat below in the basement of the barn. Bring me her head when this beast really exists[sic]."


Quest Walkthrough

The barn is located slightly above and to the left of Janus, enter it through the door.

The entrance to the barn.

The stairs to the basement are on the left side of the building. Go up and around the hay bales to get to them and head downstairs. You will likely be attacked by several rats on the way, just ignore these, they won't follow you down.

The stairs to the basement.

The Overfilled Rat is found in the top left of the basement.

He's not fat, he's big boned..

There are also several aggressive rats here. If you're attacked by any on your way to the Overfilled Rat, it's a good idea to kill them first so you're only dealing with one enemy at a time.

Head up to the rat and attack it. It has no special abilities, but is quite powerful. You can run back upstairs if you think you're going to die, but the rat's health will be reset, so consider having a Health Potion handy.

The Overfilled Rat will drop a Rat Head when killed Rat Head. Pick this up then speak to Janus to complete the quest.