Written by Burj. Last updated 19 November 2018.

Quest Details

How to start

Speak with Cook Tibor Terell in the Inn kitchen. Go behind the bar to the right of the Inn, the kitchen is to the left.

The cook.


Must have completed Put on clothes, so you can enter the ground floor of the Inn.



"We have a little problem in our basement. There are some little rats crawling around. Can you get rid of some of them? Here you have something with which you can beat them up."



You are given a Sturdy Stick when you accept the quest. This should be placed in your quickbar. Press the number key associated with that quick bar slot, or click the slot on the bottom of the screen to select. You will then be able to attack.

Exit the kitchen and return to the main seating area of the Inn. The stairs to the basement can be found at the far right.

The stairs to the basement.

Rats can be found throughout the basement. To attack, move next to one, move your mouse so you are facing it, and click and hold to attack repeatedly. You will need to attack the rats a few times to kill them. Hover your mouse over a rat to see how much health it has left at the top right of the screen. How much health you have remaining is shown in the top left.

Attacking a rat.

You can see how many rats you have left to kill in the quest log. Once you've killed 5, return to Tibor the Cook to complete the quest.


This quest, Get firewood from the basement and Get wine from the basement can all be accepted at once and completed in one trip to the basement to save time.