Written by Burj. Last updated 06 November 2018.

Quest Details

How to start

Talk to Nikolas Donhal, stood outside the Rusty Bucket Winery (east of the Graveyard) in Farshore.

Nikolas Donhal.


None, other than ability to kill Level 3 Wasp Workers.


"Help us kill the wasps above from us. They eat all the harvest. Please kill at least 6 of them."



Quest Walkthrough

Wasps can be found throughout the field above Nikolas. They are aggressive and will attack if you get too close, but are straightforward to kill. Just make sure you are using your best weapon and equipment. Some are shown below, but there are many more.

Some of the many Wasp Workers.

If you get low on health, simply leave the field and wait for it to regen, or use an item such as a Health Potion.

Kill 6, then speak with Nikolas to complete the quest.