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Quest Details

How to start

Talk to Casamir Luscombe inside the Luscombe House, in the south-east of Farshore.

Casamir Luscombe


Must have completed Help Casamir.


"East from here on the other side of the street is a abandoned house. Behind this house I have seen some Leaf Beetles. Can you bring me 6 Beetle Remainings from them? Maybe I can produce some fertilizer from them."



Quest Walkthrough

The abandoned house can be found to the south east. Use the map below to help you navigate there.

The Leaf Beetles are in the area to the right of the house, with a couple above it. Some examples are shown in the screenshot below, but there are many more.

The Leaf Beetles are fairly standard enemies. They have a melee attack, but note the this hits the three squares directly above, to the left, and to the right of the beetle. This is unlike most other low level monsters that can only hit targets right in-front of the them. The Beetles can also stun you for a short time if you are trying to run away and they catch you. Other than this, just note that at Lvl 7, the Beetles could be a bit too strong for very low Lvl players.

Simply kill 6 of the Beetles, pick up the Beetle Remainings, then return to Casamir to complete the quest.

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