Written by Burj. Last updated 19 November 2018.

Quest Details

How to start

Speak to Holman Wanderfoot, outside the Ashamed Pig Inn in Farshore. He is stood just to the left of the left door, and is marked Herbalism on the world map.

Holman Wanderfoot.


Must have completed Prepare Bailey his steak and whine, so you can leave the Inn.


"Unfortunately, I can't read. Can you check for me on the bulletin board whether there are job offers? It is right here on the right side."


Quest Walkthrough

The Bulletin Board is about 5 tiles to the right of Holman.

The Bulletin Board.

You will need to look at both sides of the board. Walk over and stand below the left side of the board, look towards it, and interact with it (E key on keyboard) to read. You'll see that "The Rudyard Farm is looking for workers". Next, walk one tile to the right and repeat the process to hear about an... Interesting cooking recipe.

Reading the left side of the Bulletin Board.

Speak with Holman again to complete the quest.