Written by Burj. Last updated 03 January 2019.

Quest Details

How to start

Talk to Dirk Daristan on Northwind Farm, north-west of the Daristan House.

Dirk Daristan.


Must have completed Decimate the Sheep.


"Since you did a good jon with the sheep, could you butcher 4 pigs and bring me the meat of them? Soom[sic] there will be some festivity in the village and we do not have meat in stock."



Quest Walkthrough

The pigs can be found south-west and south-east of Dirk.

A couple are highlighted below, but there are many more.

Unlike the Sheep, the Pigs have 82 health and will actually fight back. They are standard monsters, with a melee attack, and can stun you for a short duration if you are moving and they get too close. The Pigs are not aggressive and will only attack if you attack them first, so you can always wait around bit to heal between kills.

You'll need to kill 4 Pigs, but just need to pickS up the meat of 3. Once done, return to Dirk to complete the quest.